Tuesday, January 12, 2010


some people are obsessed with twilight, lost and the likes... my new obsession is Mad Men. It is SO captivating. We have breezed through Season One and most of Season 2 and I have pre-ordered Season 3 (coming out in March) on Amazon.

It's written by the same gent who did the Souprano's but its definitely not MOB-y at all. Its set in the 1960's and follows the life both professionally and personally of a few of the hottest Ad Men of Madison Avenue. The fashion alone of the early 1960's is enough reason to follow. All's I gotta say is they make my not so glamorous sweats uniform look rather drab. I stand corrected, the fashion coupled with the gorgeous Don Draper is enough to make me watch! Ha. The drama that continues to unfold doesn't hurt to keep your attention either.

How in the world has it taken us 3 seasons to get into this show! I think that all I am missing for season 3 is my "forever lazy" lounge wear and a martini (just like the SAHM in the show!)

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