Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i am not even kidding

After the frigid temps that we have been experiencing (and you know we hate to use heat because we are CHEAP!)... and seeing them on Kathie Lee and Hoda this AM.... I am not even kidding when I say I SOOOOOO want a pair of these!


It's like a giant fleece cozy suit for grown ups! Ummmm... they can even be monogrammed!? No, I am not getting paid for this endorsement (unless of course Forever Lazy is a secret reader and would like to send me a pair (wink, wink!). My only question is, it's probably in appropriate to wear to drop the kids off at school....yes? Ha! Too bad Santa already came!


  1. The beautiful handbag on my blog would go great with this!

  2. You are totally right! I am pretty sure that handbag could make even this outfit look cool. And plus, I think i just saw something just like it on the runways at Fashion Week! ;)