Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ladies first.

for all the gray hair he has given me... I think it is only appropriate that occasionally he should do something that doesn't make me shake my head in wonder. Ha!

We have really been working on manners at our house... setting the table, clearing the table, pulling out moms chair, opening the car door, etc. I figure if you can open the car door for you, you can open the car door for me, no? Jack's really into it. I hope his future wife will thank me one day...So today, Mr. Independent (Jack) wanted to open the door to the house. "Sure, here you go...key goes this way." As he is walking inside he turns to me and says, "O0ps, mom, ladies first!" I melted. Like a little snowman on a hot day, I melted.... And then nearly dropped Thomas!

I am just glad he can hear. Sometimes I wonder if we should have gotten him tubes somewhere along the line... now i just realize that 'selective hearing' can even happen to four year olds... I am glad that this was something you decided to listen to! Ladies first. Always. Ladies. First.

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