Monday, January 25, 2010

am I that cool?

apparently I am! Ha! For some reason Jack, who has really not had a whole lot of separation anxiety before, is getting weepy for me at carpool and school and the gym.... and bedtime and lunch and no just kidding on the latter two! :)

Personally I am just sort of glad he has blocked out all the times that I sound like Kate Gosslin yelling at her kids and he still wants to be around me. I hope its not the sign of anything serious like that he'll be living at home until he's 40. When I ask him why he gets sad... he says i just miss you and want to be with you! I mean could you die of cuteness??? But buck up buddy your four... going on five and, well, school will probably not ever be as fun or stress free as now! We decided that I would make him a little smiley face to tuck in his pocket each day. When he gets weepy, he can look at my smiley face and be happy!

Thomas on the other hand went to his first Mommy & Me class and quite frankly it could be a just Me class and he would be fine... wanted nothing to do with me while he got his paint and play-dough on! Sat by himself for snack and story and then in the teachers lap for songs!! He doesn't even need me any more... and he's not even two!

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