Thursday, December 10, 2009

i stuck

regretfully, Thomas is giving up his AM nap. I have had it too good for too long. I wish that giving up the morning nap meant as long or longer PM naps but no such luck... his PM naps are getting shorter and shorter. GRRRR. Better add that to my Christmas list. Cleaning lady, part time job, and longer naps for Thomas. :)

I digress. The point of this post was that he had me laughing outloud today as I attempted to squeeze one more morning nap out of him to get started on my Christmas cards. I did the whole ritualistic routine, and shut the door hoping for at least 30 minutes of quiet Christmas card stuffing. After about 5 books dropped I hear him yelling, "I stuck, I stuck!" (or what I know to be his word for stuck- i am sure any stranger would think it was just gibberish). For the love of all things holy, what has he gotten himself into NOW!

I go up thinking his arm is stuck in the crib or something but no. What I find is a happy thomas standing at his crib smiling his charismatic smile chanting, "i stuck, i stuck" (as in I am stuck in my crib and can't get out to play with you mommy!). Yes, my dear child, you are "stuck" and you are going to be "stuck" for about 15 more minutes too! ha.

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