Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fa la la la la

All of our Christmas activities fell into this week! So now we will be bored until Christmas Ha! As if... i have 1000 errands to run, presents to buy, already gifts to return! Hmmm that raises a good point, are they "gifts" if they aren't technically given yet? Discuss amongst yourselves. And lets face it life in this nut house is very rarely boring.
A few pics from Santa Brunch. I wasn't sure how Jack felt about the big guy in red this year. There was a little apprehension in the car, but he powered through. Shook his hand, sat on his lap, took a pic... thomas, not so much.

I mean do you want to eat them up or WHAT!? Say I won't use this on their rehearsal dinner invite :) (oh wait, am I jumping the gun!? They're just so cute I can't help it!)

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