Friday, September 25, 2009


...and it feels so good!" Since I now have my camera back in my hot little hands, here come the pics :). Consider that your warning.

Erin... The pics taken with AJ's phone were not worth sending but hopefully this gives you the idea of the guest room...

There just isn't money in the budget for the monogrammed headboarad that I dream of having, so I got this idea from my friends over at They have such CUTE nesting ideas. AJ and I nearly got divorced (joking. sort of) creating these... Because the walls were already painted, I had to tape the outline of the squares and it was not pretty - tape measure, tape measure, remeasure, retape. UGH. But it's done!


  1. The room looks amazing!! We'll have to book our next stay soon :).

  2. Hi Kelly!

    The guestroom looks fantastic! You're lucky you got AJ to help you tape and paint. As I recall, Mark sat on the couch watching tv while toiled away at my wall!

    Love the blog! Rachel just pointed me to it. I've only read a few posts and am already laughing, laughing, laughing!

    It was great to see you a few weeks ago! Juliet

  3. Thanks, you all! Juliet i don't even want to think about doing that as a one person job- i think I would have mission aborted- or blown my brains out - one or the other!

    The inn is open so please come soon!!