Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My little Pele

I didn't realize when I signed Jack up for the peewee soccer league at our Y that it was going to be World Cup Training '09. He needs all the soccer accoutrements! Add one more thing to the back to school list. Cleats, soccer shorts, shin guards, water bottle... he's four. How hard can a four year old kick a ball... are shin guards really necessary?

I started this post hours ago when the boys were sleeping and now we have purchased all of our gear. I decided based on the look on Jack's face that getting your first pair of cleats must be like getting your first pair of Manolos or Christian Louboutins. He was so excited... jumping up and down excited. Wear them out of the store and talk about "his cleats" for the next two hours excited. I drew the line at sleeping in cleats and shin guards. Mean mommy, I know.

Pics to come... I have temporarily misplaced my camera! EEK!

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