Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's run this up the old "awkward tree".

AJ: "I think that new show 'Cougar Town' is coming on...."

Me: O.M.G. YAY! Yiipeee! Yes!! I have a feeling I am going to love this show! (It's hard to blog enthusiasm, but let's say I was one step below my heading spinning off. I need a new show to love and I miss my QT with Courtney Cox since the ending of Friends.)

AJ: (staring at me)

Me: (staring at him)

Ooops, that was my out loud voice. Stupid out loud voice is always getting me in trouble.

Us: Awkward


  1. What'd you think? There were funny parts but I didn't love it.

  2. Hey! I liked it... thought courtney and the son were pretty funny together. I will probably tune in next week... we LOVED modern family before it... i was laughing out loud.