Wednesday, September 16, 2009

did I really just...

forget to put a coffee cup in the Tassimo when pressing the go button??? (this is rhetorical, kids. The answer is an unbelievable and, oh so embarassing, YES!)

I wish you could have been in my brain when I am getting the kids their waffles and thinking to myself, that's weird sounds like something is dripping. Hmmmm. What's even weirder was that it WAS something dripping... It was my coffee dripping all over our coffee station (yes, we love coffee that much) and on to the FLOOR! Nothing like a nice morning clean up PRE coffee.

Apparently I stayed up too late making curtains and painting... but we have guests coming and it was the perfect opportunity to put a dent in the guest room decorating!


  1. What a mess!
    Thought of one more fabric place...the Calico Corners outlet in Lancaster. It's on 30 on the right near the Adidas outlet.

    If you've been sewing does that mean your fabric search is over?

  2. Total Mess - i can laugh about it now :)

    Thanks so much for the info! Yep, still sewing... my search is on for the perfect dining room fabric. I need to make curtains and seat covers. I will definitely be checking out the CC outlet! Rumor on the street is there is a PB outlet there as well!