Sunday, November 22, 2009

will we make the final cut?

Look what arrived down the chimney this AM for the kids....

Dear Jack and Thomas,

There are BIG doin's in the North Pole this week-- it's Elf Assignment Week. This is where the elves get assigned to live at a house for the holidays to see if the boys and girls are being naughty or nice. Herbie had such a fun time with you boys last year he really wants to come to your house again this year. Please be extra good for your Mommy and Daddy so that Herbie will come and visit again. "Extra good" means, no whining, no hitting, no talking back. Being extra nice means helping each other, doing things the first time mommy asks you and helping your friends at school.

Do they look naughty or nice to you!?

I gotta get my money's worth out of this elf business. I am hoping this encourages good behavior before Herbie arrives the day after Thanksgiving.


  1. I am so stealing that letter & changing Herbie to Candy Cane. Do y'all do Elf on a Shelf?

  2. Hehe! Love it. They look like just darrrrling kids that would neeeeever misbehave!!! Xoxo-BLC

  3. Steal away, my dear!!! yes we started elf on the shelf last year and I am cautiously optimistic for it's magic again this year!!!

  4. Don't you just LOVE that stinkin' elf. Today, Ben wasn't listening to me and I told him that Jingle (that's our elf) could see him and he wouldn't come on Friday if he kept acting like that. He sat and cried and thought about it for a while, and buddy he was as good as gold the whole rest of the day. He is OBSESSED. I can't wait to see what happens this year.
    The boys are so handsome Kel... really adorable. I wish we could get them together!