Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i need your help.

I am getting my playlist ready for the 1/2 mar-i in two weeks (well more like 1.5 at this point!) and I need your help... No, I don't need you to sign up to push me in a baby carriage to the finish line... although not a bad idea.

Please leave a comment with your favorite song(s) to help me get proverbial groove on. (Mom - no Josh Grobin suggestions- not that I don't like him, he just might make me curl up and go to sleep instead of make my way to the finish line!)



  1. I like some old school songs like...Going Back to Cali, Getting Jiggy Wit It and Rapper's Delight. Cheesy but the beat always keeps me going.

    Good luck! You'll love it! I ran two last year and sadly injured my ankle so I'm on the bench for a while.

  2. Put on a little Lady Gaga; Poker Face and her new song Bad Romance. When I hear these songs on my ipod I start running a little faster. Also Rihanna and Jay Z's song "Run this town tonight" (I think that's the name) will get you moving. Let me know if you want more:)
    Jill (not Dan)

  3. Loving the suggestions ladies! Thank you!

  4. Oh which half are your running? Was hoping to do the Kiawah with the bff but it closed out rather quickly. Did manage a 6 miler today very much with the help of Natashia Bedingfield and Michael Jackson. Ironically, during my run I was thinking, I must download some Josh Groban! XXOO

  5. My cousin and I just ran the Richmond 1/2. This was my first and it was really fun (fun in the painful glutton for punishment kind of way!). Kiawah sounds like a great destination for a run- does Savannah have a 1/2 that might be a fun one too? Props to you on the 6 miler today! I should have added some MJ to my playlist!