Tuesday, November 17, 2009

heaven is...

when your 18 month old hugs and kisses you out of no where! I just want to eat him up today. (i guess he is making up for all the times he makes me ca-razy!)


  1. That is so sweet! See you at the sale. xoxo


  2. It's those little moments that make it all worth it!

  3. Hey...are we going to see you at Hopsy's get together tomorrow night?

    I think little guys always know when to pour it on thick. Was it the craigs list post?

  4. AJ's boss is in town tomorrow so we are headed to the city for dinner so I won't make the get together. Big Bummer! It sounds like such fun. My mom, (my little buddy) and I will be at the sale on Thurs (and likely Fri and Sat ha!). Look for us! Would be fun to meet.