Thursday, February 26, 2009

T-man had his first date with Baby Anna yesterday! It was such a treat to have Texie and Anna come spend the day with us! Anna is the sweetest and most beautiful little girl eva! Lucky T-man! Anna's daddy says no dating until she is 30 but maybe when he sees how sweet they are together he will re-evaluate??? Baby Anna thought the boys were hilarious and Auntie Tex did not dissapoint. She knows just the way to make my three year old still be talking about her in the the next day... Spiderman and Transformers... I am more than certain we scared her into having only one child as 10 minutes after her arrival I had to leave to go get Jack because he lost a fight with the boat on the playground at school. Nice busted up lip and cheek.

There are some friends that you can spend the whole day with and still have things to debrief this morning on our coffee chat... these friends are the best!

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