Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back in "the Will"

My Nana always jokes about different things that you might do that will get you "written out of her Will!" I am quite certain I have never come so close to being "out of the will" as with lagging on Thomas' Baptism. I am sure that her children never left the house without being baptized.

Life has just been crazy for us since moving three weeks after Thomas was born. We are just now, post the holiday craziness, getting settled and on a routine in our new home and surroundings and thus my NINE MONTH OLD has just gotten baptized! (And really by the skin of his teeth too as they won't Baptize during Lent-- which starts this week!) He almost walked himself up to that alter! ;)
We had a great weekend. Lots of visitors and fun with our families. Here is a pic of the T-man in his Baptismal Gown- not to be confused with a baptismal dress as Finkle likes to call it. I was so worried he wasn't going to fit in it because I had dilly dallied so long getting it scheduled. Jack, my mom, my Nana and I all wore this gown so it was important to me that Thomas wear it too.

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