Thursday, February 26, 2009

I made a mistake.

I made a mistake, a terrible, no good, never to be forgotten mistake. Shortly before Jack turned three, maybe like the day before he turned three, I might have uttered something to the affect of "the two's were a joke." Maybe, just maybe, I said it out loud in the company of others. Maybe, just maybe, the god's of year three heard me and laughed out loud. Maybe, just maybe, I have been paying for it ever since.

Three is the new two, you know, right... I have read a bunch of books and the only one that has seemed to work for us is 1,2,3 Magic. It is a nice little theory that takes the emotion out of disciplining. It works fine if you are the most patient person on the planet and have no temper that beats you to rational thinking. I am Irish. By default, I have a temper. Maybe my temper wins sometimes... I'm just sayin'.

Thomas is NEVER allowed to turn three.


  1. I must admit I really loved Sam from age 2 to 5 but I didn't so much LIKE him. Those are hard years. We used 123 Magic and it really did work. Of course, there's always room for bending the rules, but if you stick to it you'll have pretty good results. I'm so glad you started a blog! :)

  2. Groan. Please say you're making this up....