Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its official, mes petits choux, we have a blog! I do believe I 'delivered' part of my brain while birthing Jack in 2005 and haven't been able to remember most thing since! It has become increasingly apparent as Thomas is hitting many milestones that Jack did in his first year and I can't remember without my barely legible scribblings in Jack's baby book. We all know second children have a baby book, it's just never written in. My hope is that through this blog we can update our family and friends, and also create a memory of life here in Crazyville (AJ wanted me let you know he happily goes by Finkle -- the Mayor). These days are so precious and so fleeting that I want my boys to remember the routine of life as we know it! And, let's be honest, you know there will be a post or two about some celebrity gossip of some sort-- I mean that is, after all, a may-juh part of our life-- ha! I am not much of a grammar queen, so if you are looking for subjects and predicates to match-- I'm sorry, you won't find that here. You might not even find the appropriate capitalization... just want expectations to be clear, my dears!

I am happiest when being mom to my boys. They keep me laughing with their antics every day. Somedays I feel like we are one clown short of a circus, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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