Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pink and Green and everything in between...

Calling all Lilly Lovers... My AWESOME friend, Emilie, hooked me up with Employee Night pass to the Lilly Warehouse Sale... and I am not sure there are words to thank her enough... here are some of my finds! Y'all know I love a good bargain... and can't help myself from sharing... i think i am still on a shoppers high!

Sweater Retails for 300 - I got it for 30 bones (i know, i know last year, but still I love it!)! Shoes (originally bought for my sister but looked too cute with my sweater... so i think i might keep... i mean for $22 I should, right!

When the price is right, get one in every color! Just joking... Some are gifts... ;) 30 bones

Shirt 8 dollars! Skirt 15 dollars!
Not joking... shorts... 15 dollars.
...don't even care if my kids "ritz cracker me" in this because it was a total... bargain!

Ok... brace yourselves... Can you handle all this excitment!? I don't know if you can....
238 dollar shoes for...... 22 dollars!

Stay tuned... I got my sister some really cute dresses! I know you are just on the edge of your seat! :)


  1. Are you kidding me?
    The sweater, the scarves, the shoes, the bargains! Holy Cow!

    Thank you so much for coffee, breakfast, and lots of great chatting! Thanks as well to your super sweet boys for sharing you with me!

  2. WOAH! Such amazing bargains and great items too!

  3. So glad you got such great finds!! Sorry I was so busy that night! Can't wait to catch up at our next dinner. E