Tuesday, June 8, 2010

summer time is here to stay!

A few pics from our first weekend at the beach! Lots of sun, bikes and throwing rocks (cause that never gets old- unless you are a 32 year old mom of two boys who like to throw rocks and then it gets old as soon as your coffee is done! Not that I know from personal experience or anything.)

Me and my baby sister before a fun night out... (and by fun night out i mean we were still home by 10:30! Ha)
We even let AJ join us for some fun!
Not sure we got enough strawberries... Don't they know they will be responsible for eating the massive amounts of strawberries...

Apparently we tuckered him out with too much fun... one second playing... the next asleep on the couch. and, let's be honest, that. is. not. like. him.

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