Saturday, March 27, 2010

a little of this and that...

  • I think my husband just insinuated, "Pfewf, the kids are all over me, it's 8AM and I finally got to go to the bathroom (by himself)!" Uh, I'm sorry, are you looking for sympathy? Because I haven't gone to the bathroom by myself since 2005... it's 2010. No sympathy here. none. zippo. zilch. The only thing I am feeling is jealousy and slight annoyance, because you actually DID go to the bathroom by yourself.
  • I found my vaccum attachments.... you'll never guess where... on the vaccum. WOW! Never thought to look there. I secretly think jack got them out from under his bed and put them back and then poof! Mommy look they're right there!
  • Just like potty training jack is- magic!- reading. I think it is part reading and part memorization but we'll take it. This is the first book he read: There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed Fly Guy. Such a great series for early readers.

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