Wednesday, March 3, 2010

it's funny what a part time job can do for you.

soooo. last week I had a very important job with 2 (sometimes a little high maintenance and demanding but oh so loving) clients.
My two "clients"

This week I still have that job, but am also back to work for my old company! Can I get a "Whoo Whoo"!? After me badgering them once a month ;) to come back, they (finally!) contacted me on Friday and need some help with recruiting. I am THRILLED to help them out, in fact, today I felt like I should pinch myself because it is the PERFECT balance for me. I'll work when the kids are napping and a few hours at night/weekends/whenever there is a quiet moment. I can even continue to pick Jack up from school. So yesterday I quickly had to throw on my grown up pants and prepare to negotiate salaries as opposed to negotiating additional desserts/shows/minutes in the bath, but I couldn't be happier. It might just be for a short stint, but I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Without getting too much on a soapbox, I think it is sometimes hard for women in our generation. The woman's movement provided us a world in which we can "do" and "be" anything. Many of my mom friends and I have spent the greater part of a decade working really hard to achieve success in the workforce. Typically 10 years + is enough time to achieve some pretty great goals. There was a time where I drank fancy coffee and wore "chi chi" shoes and carried cute purses (if that doesn't make me sound superficial, i don't know what! but you get my drift!)! In my new "position" (aka mom) I am always drinking (ghetto) coffee, in gym shoes and am lucky if I remember my diaper bag -ha! One day in August of 2005 my life was changed forever and I gradually (3 days a week to 3 afternoons a week to no afternoons or mornings a week) bowed out of the workforce. The problem is, I felt like I left part of my identity there- my heart didn't want to be there full time but a part of me did. My "new jobs" were not necessarily my strong suit- laundry, cleaning, diapers, dishwashers. However, there were a lot of the parts of my new job description I did love- my kids, crafts, playdates, blogs, volunteering at school, Regis & Kelly-- ok so maybe everything but the cleaning is pretty fun! I can't think of a bigger blessing than being home with my boys--there is nothing that can replace watching your children grow, an unsolicited hug or the pitter patter of little crazy T. This is the life I have always wanted, I just didn't realize I would miss my old life as much as I did. Anyways... Did you know a part time job is a little bit like a prescription for Wellbutrin! That's all.


  1. Congrats on the new job. It sounds perfect!

  2. I am just now catching up, but wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this post. I read it twice.
    I love reading how similar our lives are in some senses, but how vastly different they are in others. I loved how you put all this, gave me such a different perspective. I live my life every day wishing I could be home more- jealous of all you lucky ones who get to be with their kids everyday, yet I know 100% home would probably send me over the edge. I love how you are able to find some balance- good for you.

    And just FYI- I work full time. And yes there was a time when I drank fancy coffee, wore chi chi shoes and had cute purses...but having kids took all that away. All the money and the energy for it went right out the window with my kids, regardless of my job. I don't know how "those" women out there do it. I look like hell 98.9% of the time :)