Monday, February 8, 2010

wouldn't you think....

after being snowed in my house would be immaculate, laundry would be 100% dominated, pictures hung, and I would have organized at least one closet?

Not. so. much.

Good thing then that we have another snow storm headed our way on Tues nite! Perhaps the third foot of snow will bring some productivity with it!?


  1. Are you in Chicago? My husband was supposed to go there today but canceled his trip b/c of the impending storm. Stay warm!!

  2. No we are east coasters! Thomas can barely walk in the snow it is so high... This is only our second winter up north... and I am not quite sure you ever get used to feet of snow outside your window... what if it doesn't melt till Memorial Day!? (I seriously asked my husband that! There is just too much!)

  3. I'm so with you! I've accomplished NOTHING-ugh