Thursday, February 18, 2010

if you...

put edamame in Spaghettio's do you think it counts as a healthy meal?

Apparently the storm I needed to be productive was not a snow storm after all... my mom and I did more at my house in three days than AJ and I have done in 6 months...

- two sets of curtains sewn and hung
- blackboard frame painted and hung
- corkboard frame hung
- dining room pictures hung
- I am too embarrassed to ask her how many loads of laundry she did for me... let's just say WAY more than 1
- touch up paint downstairs moldings... from where the monsters drives their trucks into the walls... i mean from where the movers were not gentle when we moved in...

She even taught Thomas how to swiffer his own room! Nothing like a self sufficient 2 year old! Love it! I'll try to post pics of some of the more interesting improvements...

Wow- i am tired just typing it all... Maybe AJ should go out of town more often! And just for the record... YES, the children were here!

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