Wednesday, February 24, 2010

thank goodness...

Thank goodness I was able to escape to dinner with a friend last night at a local favorite, Meredith's... as we are about to get SNOWED IN AGAIN... Enough of the white stuff! Enough.

We JUST got a glimpse of our roof for the first time this week. And now here comes another FOOT. I better get to the wine store this afternoon! :) This winter is for the BIRDS...


  1. I was there too on Tuesday night...didn't see you, did you see me? I was there with 2 friends, one of you whom I had planned to invite to our coffee when it stops snowing and we can enjoy fresh air!

    I'm done with SNOW!

  2. It was a fun dinner! I can't stand this snow!

  3. too funny! We did see another group of ladies... must have been y'all.

    And... I am SO D.O.N.E with the snow... I got totally tricked today...saw the TE school buses go down our street... got excited only to remember Jack's preschool follows Great Valley district... Who were closed. Really!? Cause the streets are FINE! And this is coming from a Virginia Driver! If I can drive in it anyone can! GRRRRRR.