Wednesday, July 29, 2009

what is going on?

Ugh. Day number 2 this week with all (i say all like i have 5 there are only 2 but it takes me most of the morning to get the two fed and ready to leave the house) the kids fed, packed buckled and happily in car seats only to find out we aren't going anywhere. Monday it was because we had no keys (thanks, Daddy) and today it is because my battery is dead (probably from not being started in 2 weeks).

Makes for a Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumpy Mommy. Oh well, worse things could happen.

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  1. Ok! I totally have had that happen before. I think my Ipod player runs the battery down. It is such a bummer. As it takes forever for them to come jump it etc. We end up calling it a day. It is like all your work was done for nothing! I always think of it- as the universe sending me a message... it is safer if we are all stay in. Have a fabulous day!!
    xxxx me