Friday, July 31, 2009

a rockin' Thursday night

I mean do you want to squeeze this little face or WHAT!?

Some pics from the kiddie concert at Wilson Farm Park last night. I didn't realize that we would ALL feel like kids last night... Flash back to "cul-de-sac parties" in Doublegate... the parents were enjoying an adult bev and the Po Po (police, mom) came by to inform us that alcohol was not allowed (even if we were drinking it out of plastic cups- so nice for him to note out ghetto-ness!). I sort of felt like ratting out the other 100 or so people that were drinking wine out of wine glasses but I didn't.

Concert was great fun and the kids had a blast! I think Jack finally went to bed at around 9:45PM! Eeeeeeek. That explains alot about his personality today. Severely struggling.

Now Auntie Meggie is here, thunderstorms are behind us and we are looking at a nice weekend at the pool!


  1. You really are in my neck of the woods! The Olive Juice sale was today only and at the Saturday Club in Wayne. I couldn't help myself and did stop in tonight. Cute things! Tried tontain myself and only got a pink corduroy dress. Perfect place for inexpensive church clothes, especially for boys!

  2. Too funny! We moved to the area last year and I am loving all the warehouse sale-ing.. Lilly, Heartstrings and now Olive Juice! Thanks for the info on OJ- I will have to try to catch it next year. I just love their stuff.