Thursday, February 3, 2011

a little of this and that

apparently the photobooth on the apple never gets old! :)

* if it doesn't stop snowing soon I am going to make plans to migrate south with the birds next year... my kids haven't had a full week of school since I think 2011 started... killing me. not them. just me.

* I just realized that my due date is smack in the middle of the kids spring break. Nice.

*You really shouldn't register your first born for Kindergarten while hormonally pregnant. It's not pretty. You might do the ugly cry on the way back to your car.

*Eeeeek! AJ finally signed off on knocking the wall down between our kitchen and playroom. I am getting nervous- demo day was supposed to be today but since the snow is pushing back other projects for "Fix It Dan"- it is now scheduled for this weekend. It won't change the fact that we still have a kitchen from the days of Mad Men, but I'm kinda partial to my 1950's stove and oven as they still work! My Bosch 3 yr old dishwasher that was purchased by the previous owners has been a total NIGHTMARE- a story for another post! ;0)

*Thomas has made it till 5pm two days in a row with dry pull ups... so maybe he won't go to college in diapers... however- he's playing me because as soon as he got sent to his room for, insert inappropriate action of choice, he peed in said dry pull up.... BOTH NIGHTS.


  1. YIKES. I have to do Kindergarten registration on 3/3. So maybe I shouldn't wear makeup??????

    How are you feeling? Still thinking its a boy?

  2. Oh girl, i am so convinced its a boy it isn't even funny- feel and look exactly the same. I seriously might get something monogrammed soon... I feel like I wish we had found out this time. But maybe if i knew i wouldn't feel taht way - who knows... It will be fun either way!