Saturday, February 5, 2011

brusha brusha brusha

We had been implementing the whole - sing happy birthday to yourself twice while you brush your teeth in attempt to actually get some of the sugar bugs out. Jdog totally caught on, Crazy T would put the toothbrush in his mouth and actually sing happy birthday... no brushing occurred per say.

My new obsession... picked up on a whim at Tarjay:

The boys love them and I am no longer having to be the tooth brushing police! The tooth brush flashes for 60 seconds - bonus is its even a bit longer than the old happy birthday song and dance... Eventually we will get to one flash for the top and one flash for the bottom... baby steps.

And... just for the record, no, i am not getting paid for this public service announcement... but if the fine folks at firefly want to hook a sista up... i'll happily oblige.

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