Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summertime Fun!

How is it the middle of July!? A few pics from our family vacation. We had the best week ever- even despite the insane heat, ridiculously early wake up calls from my kids and a jellyfish sting (which the best remedy for is vinegar not pee! ha!). The boys made great memories with their cousins and I think I only had to raise my voice once (or twice ;)).
Oooh and ahhing about the fireworks.
Found a cozy spot.

Me and my mom!
The littlest sailor!
Favorite picture of all time!

Two of my favorite guys in the world!
Blueberry picking! Two boys working hard, the littlest one picking his next blueberry victim. He ate his way through that little blueberry patch, no doubt about that! Boy loves him some berries.

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  1. cutest pics ever!! How fun!!
    Michelle :)