Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Most days

Most days I am not 'killing it' as being a mom.  Most days we resemble a hurricane of craziness.  Maybe we're over scheduled.  Maybe we need to slow. it . down.  Most days I'm pulling jerseys out of laundry piles... begging my kids to take a shower (because I smell something funky and well to be honest I can't remember the last time they showered but I know it wasn't yesterday)... yelling to turn off the electronics because they've duped me and gone longer again!... hastily "closing' the basement (the basement that we finished FOR THEM, yes that one) for fighting...

But today...Today, the stars have aligned.  My house is clean... People were dressed and ready and dare I say happy for drop off.  The little people all had their appropriate folders and lunches and hats and coats...  There was even fruit on their breakfast plate... and it got eaten! I hope when my kids remember their childhood they remember today and not yesterday or the craziness that is inevitably tomorrow.

So for the 6 days I'm not winning at being a mom.  The one day I am feels GOOD.  REAL GOOD.

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