Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sometimes just when you don't expect it...

you learn from your kids....

I feel like my heart has been learning from my kids since 8/18/05.  It grows and grows and loves them so fiercely.  Feels pride when they accomplish, sad when their feelings get hurt and excited and nervous for them when they face opportunities for the first time... Not too long ago my buddy showed me how to be mature and I thought my heart was going to burst.  I doubt I will forget this but I want to capture it so that one day when he reads this he will be proud of himself and how he dealt with disappointment.

Things come easy to J.  We showed him the word "the" and next thing I knew he was reading chapter books.  He picked up a golf club and hasn't missed the ball since.  With the exception of having to have a quick chat about "celebrations" after making a basket this winter (I blame NBA2K ;)), he is not cocky or obnoxious but humble.  I have been surprised by emails from his coaches complimenting his sportsmanship and leadership on and off the field.  He's an old soul.  However the truth is things come easy.  This Spring he tried out for the travel team he did awesome! He made the B team.  It's a really competitive league so we were so proud of him, but we thought he might be disappointed when we told him because his best buddy is on the A team.  And he was disappointed...  For 1 minute.  And then he walked in the kitchen and asked me if he could see the email from the coach.  He looked at that email and turned to me and said.  "Mom, I'm going to make that A team.  I am going to work really hard and I'm going to move up to the A team." And.... Bam.  Sometimes just when you don't expect it.... you learn how to put your big girl pants on and face life from your 8 year old. Go get 'em, J.  Show them what you're made of!  

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