Thursday, February 20, 2014

Epic Fail.

Recently my friend Chrissy responded to my text ramble "I can't wait to read your blog... get started!" And I thought - "Yeah, I should write a blog- what a great creative outlet since I don't have time to sew, craft or DIY much these days"... and then it dawned on me... oh wait,  I DO have a blog.  I've just abandoned it for TWO (almost 3 but who's counting at this point) years.  Between changing all those dirty diapers, making lunches, working, class momming and shuttling those stinky boys to soccer, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, soccer, baseball. I missed it.  I missed jotting down the minutia.  The minutia that today I think might break me and one day so soon I am going to miss.  And then I'll want these days back... all because I forget why it was all so perfectly exhausting. 

I am so sad that I haven't written one memory of the kids in 2012 and 13... so so SAD.  Aren't these supposed to be the best days? The ones filled with "he touched me" and "that's MY ball." And I'm missing it.  I'm missing the memories of all their funny (and not so funny) moments! Augh! I could cry...

Once I dust myself off.... I'm getting back to blogging... for my kids (not at all for my sanity and attempt at remedying a terrible memory).  For my kids. 

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