Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A day I'll never forget...

On April 17th at 8:03pm we welcomed little Baby Kate to our family! Katherine Ryland - named after my Nana and a building at the college where we met and got married. I am beyond excited to be a mom to a little girl and she is such a sweet baby. After having two boys and knowing we will get to do all the great things that come along with little boys- tball games, star wars parties, unlimited visits to the ER room. I am so excited to think that now we will also be able to experience all the great things that come with having a little girl... filling the house with pink, shopping the pink side of the stores, maybe someday throwing a wedding.. Oh right and not to mention I just know she will make sure that we go to the nicest old folks home when were old geezers. We couldn't be happier with the newest addition to our family. It now just feels complete.

Her brothers are pretty much infatuated with her. She's got them and her daddy wrapped around her itty bitty finger already! They are so sweet and curious and loving- I am sure there will be a day they want to send her back to the baby factory, but for now I am relishing in these sweet moments and hope I can bring them to the forefront of my memory when they are all fighting for rights to use the car one day.

Welcome to the world, baby Kate!


  1. She is gorgeous! Love to hear that your family feels complete. Best feeling ever! Can't wait to meet her in person!

  2. Love the photos and so happy to see all is well! Have missed you!!
    xxx me

  3. congratulations!! having a girl is so much fun!!!